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Which DayLight is panel lightsright for you?

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smaller light enclosure than the DayLight Classic, but with the same , LUX field of illumination

Multipurpose use for therapy or as a high quality nonglare task lamp

Designed to be discreet for use at home or in the office

Choose from two clinically effective therapeutic bright light therapy systems designed for different needs

Used by clinical researchers around the worldWhich DayLight is panel lightsright for you?

TREES LED Lighting‎LED Neon Rope Lights

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What are LED Neon Rope Lights?LED Neon Rope Lights consist of LEDs encased within a PVC protective casing which is molded into a patented shape. This shape allows for the even disbursement of light and produces a consistent light effect like that of traditional glass neon fixtures.

Brilliant Custom Cut Volt RGB Color Chasing LED Neon Rope Light

Discover Why LED Neon Rope Lights Are A Better Choice.Theres no doubt about it, glass neon fixtures and accent lighting is expensive. Now you can achieve the look of traditional glass neon with extremely flexible, inexpensive, custom cutle, LED Neon Rope Light. Choose from eight unique s, or Color Changing RGB which can be used with a multi function controller. A combination of emerging LED technology along with innovative opaque PVC tubing gives LED neon lights the ability to mimic the uniformity and brightness of light produced by traditional glass neon at a fraction of the price. LED Neon Rope Light can be used for indoor or outdoor applications, and is so flexible that it can even be used to replace custom neon signs! Give your restaurant or business the attention it deserves with the cleanest, brightest, most uniform neon LED lights available.

Brilliant Volt RGB Color Changing LED Neon Rope Light Feet

Brilliant Custom Cut Volt LED Neon Rope Light

Brilliant Volt LED Neon Rope Light Feet

Why LED over Traditional Glass Neon?The advantages of LED Neon Rope Light when compared to traditional glass are striking. LEDs produce the same evenly disbursed light as traditional neon at a fraction of the energy usage. You can realize up to energy savings with LED Neon! In addition, LED bulbs will last much longer and are much more durable than glass bulbs.

Situ LighBrilliant Lighting‎ting

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A porle floor lamp to learn, relax, think, and create with.  Whatever your task, LightBob is your light.  At around watts, LightBob provides an environmentally conscious approach to lighting your task.

Abattery/plugin hybriddesign allows for cordless lighting when convenient or the ability to plugin when near an outlet.  With over lumens, adjusle and direction; LightBob has infinite uses.

Free shipping and always handcrafted by us in the USA.

Easily remove, recharge, and replace the light from the mount No tools required.

Available in Brass, Antique Bronze, and Brushed Aluminum finishes; youre going to love it!

Available finishes Brass, Antique Bronze, and Brushed Aluminum

Combines a small articulating light head with precision wide angle optics

The light quickly attaches to its mount via a magnetic coupler.  When its time to recharge, just grab the light and plug it in.  When finished, it simply clicks back to its mount.  Youre going to wonder why you havent seen this yet.

Remote control offers over settings of accurate light from an LED array

Less than five watts of power, no harmful UVs and virtually no heat transmittal

Plugin Remote Control Series Compact LED Art Light

Available finishes Brass, Antique Bronze, and Brushed Aluminum

Theres simply nothing as beautiful and discreet on the market to light your cherished artwork.

Recommended for artwork up to W x H

Introducing our energy efficient Plugin Series of art lighting.Remote controlledlight with more than output levels of UV safe, high CRI light.  Available in finishes never before available in art lighting.

Recommended for artwork up to W x H

Available s Clear Acrylic w/Brass Finial, Clear Acrylic w/Antique Bronze Finial, Frosted Acrylic w/Brass End Cap, Frosted Acrylic w/Antique Bronze End Cap, Solid Mahogany w/Brass End Cap

LightBob Cordless, GoAnywhere LED Task Light

Multiple uses ideal as a reading light indoors and out, a craft light, a grill light, and more

We meticulously handcraft these lights using brass or aluminum and even hand apply the finishes.  This is American craftsmanship.

Brilliant discrete lighting for your home and life.

Minispot Cordless, Rechargeable LED Art Light

Imagine an incredibly small device / inch in diameter illuminating your small and medium artwork.

Precisely designed to rest atop your artwork, it literally installs in seconds and even turns itself off.  A convenient, wireless and inconspicuousrechargeablepicture light.  Gone is the need to take your artwork off the wall when it comes time to throw away and replace old batteries.

OurRechargeable Touch Seriesbrings convenient rechargeable picture and artwork lighting to your home.  With brightness settings, auto shutoff, and charge notification, userfriendly is the name of the game.

Cords? We dont like cords either

Our Minispot is carefully engineered to rest atop artwork for the ultimate in convenience.Situ LighBrilliant Lighting‎ting

Soft Lighting Redefinedpanel lights

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Professional Lighting Accessories cables, grip, stands and much more

Fresnel and opence fixtures ranging from to , W

Classic Fresnel fixtures ranging from to , W

Soft Lighting Redefined. ARRI proudly introduces SkyPanel, a brand new line of LED fixtures. SkyPanel is a compact, ultrabright and highquality LED soft light that sets a new standard for the industry. With a design focused on form, , beam field and output, SkyPanel represents the culmination of more than a decade of research and development of LED technology at ARRI.

SkyPanel is a compact, ultrabright and highquality LED soft light that sets a new standard for the industry. With a design focused on form, , beam field and output, SkyPanel represents the culmination of more than a decade of research and development of LED technology at ARRI.

Stateoftheart, longlife electronic ballasts for optimum quality

The most extensive range of innovative lighting products.

The largest matched range of modern cine primes and zooms, as well as top quality filters.

The remote phosphor versions of SkyPanel are also available and have a lower price point. Different temperature panels are available, including , K; , K; , K; , K; , K and , K. A chroma green phosphor panel is available for green screen lighting.

Professional film for medical media productions.

Incorporating features of ARRIs successful LSeries LED Fresnels, SkyPanel is one of the most versatile soft lights on the market, as well as one of the brightest. The SkyPanel C Color versions are fully tuneable; correlated temperature is adjusle between , K and , K, with excellent rendition over the entire range. Full plus and minus green correction can be achieved with the turn of a knob. In addition to T adjustments, other control options are available such as hue and saturation, gel selection, RGBW, source matching, x,y coordinates, and professional lighting effects programmed into every fixture.

Tungsten, Daylight and LED kits fully equipped with all vital accessories backed in robust and reliable cases.

Christmas Trees with Color Changing LED LightTREES LED Lighting‎s

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Because our changing Christmas lights switch from a soft radiance to festive jewel tones that dance along needles and branches, these prelit LED Christmas trees lend a dazzling holiday landscape both indoors and outdoors. Our trees use WorryFree™ ULapproved lights so customers can expect that the changing LEDs are especially durable and naturally resistant to abuse and moisture.

Please try removing one of your selections to find a tree thats right for you.

Most of all, our lighted Christmas trees feature incredibly realisticlooking needles that mimic the and ure of true evergreen foliage. The tree varieties look and feel so lifelike you can almost smell the distinct pine fragrance on Christmas morning. From the different shapes, s, and needle , our Color Changing LED Trees are a sight to behold for many seasons to come.

Christmas Trees with Prelit Color Changing LED Lights

The Worlds Finest PreLit Artificial Christmas Trees

Fill your holiday gatherings with the joyous s of the season from our Color Changing LED Christmas Trees. Featuring our LED Color Changing Technology, this lighting solution provides choices to meet inidual and mood clear LED lights, multi ed LED lights, alternating from clear to multi, and off. The breakthrough is that at the touch of a button, the same LED light bulb changes from a warm white light to a ed light yellow, red, blue or green so that all of the trees lights stay shining and bright.

Christmas Trees with Color Changing LED Lights

Customers Love Tree Classics™Thank You!I love the wreath. When my husband hung the wreath in the door it looked just beautiful! I could not wait to show it to our friends!Leimbriz Sundar from East Stroudsburg, PA

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Featuring our revolutionary Color Changing light technology, these trees are prelit with changing LED lights that can alternate between clear and multied at the touch of a button. Tree Classics was the first to have this technology, and has since perfected it. Create a festive with these beautiful Christmas trees with LED lights.

There are no results that match all of your selections.

LED downLED Panel Lights

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LED downLED Panel LightsOur main products include LED panel light, LED slim down light, LED COB down light, LED tube and SMD LED strip and most of our products have passed CE, ROHS,

lm/W; Ra>

LIFUD LED driver; Years Guarantee;

Tel Fax Email m, Skype pj.led Web

Creative design; DIY a down light in second

Insisting Worryfree aftersale service is our business rule. And we gained many support trust from overseas customers because of good quality and responsible service.

Congratulations that PERMIL passed ISO quality control management system

Professional LED down light LED panel light Manucturer

. with Lifud driver, Superior performance in energy savings, Passed TUV, CB, CE SAA, UL, F,etc.

W W W; Epistar LED Module; Ra>

~W Diecast aluminum LED floodlight IP CRI

Thickness mm; Round Soft side emitting; Constant current driver

PJ Lighting Co., Limitedis a professional manucturer for middle high class LED commercial lighting.

NOWorry after sale service; Years Guarantee for both LED down light LED panel light

Do LED Lights Get Hotled lights

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Do LED Lights Get Hotled lightsAnyone who has ever grabbed hold of a light bulb while it was still hot will probably ask, “Do LED lights get hot?” Actually, LED Lights do not get hot in the sense of creating heat that will burn a person or melt a suce. In ct, an LED bulb that has been on for days can be unscrewed with bare hands! A very small immeasurable amount of heat is generated during the process of the current flowing to the semiconductor, but this heat is so miniscule it can barely be detected. This is one of the greatest advantages of LED lighting for a number of reasons.

Do LED Lights Get Hot Enough to Create Fire Hazards?

By remaining cool LED lights do not generate even the slightest temperature rise that other light bulbs do. Studies have shown that light bulbs can raise the temperature in the home by as much as degrees, depending on how many are lit and how long they are left on. For this reason LED lights are more efficient is conserving electricity. Another aspect of LED lights that conserves energy is their ability to illuminate a room using about a third of the electricity that other light bulbs use. If anyone should ask, “Do LED lights get hot?” you can honestly answer, “Not hot enough to raise my light bill!”

Many fires have been associated with some sort of debris or being within an unsafe proximity to a hot light bulb. Lamps that are kept on a bedside le have an even greater risk of causing a fire, if an extremely hot incandescent light bulb should come in contact with a piece of clothing, or any other flammable materiel or liquid. With LED light bulbs this hazard does not exist. In ct some of these light bulbs are even encased in plastic housings. This could never be done with other light bulbs, as the casing would melt.

Find the answer to the frequently asked LED Lights related question Do LED Lights Get Hot?

So then, do LED lights get hot? The final answer would be that they can get warm, but still cool to the touch. They do not get hot enough to create a fire hazard or burn a person in the process of changing out a bulb. The funny thing is, they last so long that most people will forget what changing bulbs is all about by the time they do burn out!

Heat is one of the main ctors that cause incandescent bulbs to blow. Their normal life span is rated at about , hours even with regulated use. If an incandescent light bulb is left on constantly, it will surely blow from over heating. LED lights have a life span of , hours, and could possibly stay on constantly for the entire duration of their lives! Since heat is not an issue with LED lights, there will never be the occasion for one to blow as a result of overheating.

LED Panel LightsChina Round LED Panel Light

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ADDNo. Jiangchao Road, Dingqiao Town, Haining, Zhejiang, , China

Xin Guang Yuan New Lights Linghting Technology Co.,Ltd.

HomeProducts SolutionLED Panel Light

Round LED Panel Light Specializing in lighting for years

Xin Guang Yuan New Lights Linghting Technology Co.,Ltd., headquartered in Haining, China, is a leading domesticChina Round LED Panel Light SuppliersandRound LED Panel Light Manucturers,Powered by our commitments to top quality products and RD efforts, our products have a broad coverage in LED tubes, LED filament bulbs, Vintage Edison Bulb, Round LED Panel Light,LED Glass Tube and Led SMD Bulbs.we exports to more than countries, including United States, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Spain, UK, Japan, Iran, Israel, etc. We are thankful to the fulfill the company goal in eslishing mutualbeneficial relationship and sustainable development thorough longterm partnership with our key customers like NVC, TCL and Midea in China and many other worldwide business entities.LED Panel LightsChina Round LED Panel Light

Growing Plantsled lights With LED Lights

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First and foremost…Hullo!!This is my first instrucle long time reader, first time actuallypostanythinger, i should be revising for exams, hence i have done this instrucle!, any comments and criticism is greatly appreciated.This instrucle will demonstrate how to grow small plants under LED lights.The idea for this came from an odd source, a friend of my step thers recently had to run away to a different country because he was caught purchasing large quantities of lights from electrical stores for growing some nonetoolegal plants indoors.I dont condone this in any way, by all accounts the man was an idiot. But it got me thinking about ways to grow plants under artificial lights,after a bit of thinking and a lot of googleing this project was born!A bit of theoryPlants look green, therefore they reflect green light, so it probably isnt used in photosynthesis or any of the other interesting things plants do.So hopefully by using red and blue lights the colours either side of the spectrum from green we should be able to keep plants happy and use less energy because where not producing green light which would just get reflected.apologies in advance, i cant seem to be able to get the tag thingys to work, i will try and explain s as best i can.

Bhai yeh wala bhi try karke dekh. They have them on higher wattage too.

than . Billion by , growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate

Please can you tell me what values of resistors I am supposed to use so that I can light up all the LEDs brightly.

Let your inbox help you discover our best projects, classes, and contests. Instrucles will help you learn how to make anything!

But this is all for just the experiment, if you are planning to actually grow bigger quantities of harvest, I recommend that you grow for LED grow light panels or bulbs, which are easily available online and are much more cheap and energy efficient. Just hooking up a blue and red led is good for the project but market available products have a very finely tuned frequencies of the red and blue on the light spectrum. For a specific crop you would need a specific light frequency for optimal growth. And do not forget to turn of your lights for at least hours, the plants do need to sleep too.

This instrucle assumes you have experience with soldering, and have some basic knowledge of electronic circuits. There are instrucles elsewhere that should be able to teach you some of this stuff.Things you will needA Tub Twiglets not required, but reccoend on grounds of deliciousnessA smaller tub to grow things in.Tissue PaperStrip BoardHigh Brightness Red LEDs number depends on of tub and brightness, try some experimentingHigh Brightness Blue LEDs youll need fewer of these.Misc. Seeds Experiment with different kinds. cress works wellGlue ohm resistorsA power supply A bech top variable one is highly recommended, although others will workapologies for the shocking quality of the photos. im a poor student and cant afford a decent camera

I believe that if we carefully place single W high power LEDs at precise angles, we can penetrate the hidden under leaf parts of the plants better. check out my designs..

How are the results so r? From the s I noticed that you could also get rid of of your blue leds to make it a bit more energy efficient. And I think the first one may need more Red leds. to keep a plant of that going.

The LED grow light market is expected to rise to more

poor student? With those tools you dont look so poor Djk

thank you for your interest. you need minimum W high power LED lights, the regular mm LEDs used in this instrucle can only be used for seedlings but even then it is very weak. not enough lumens or wattage. you will find answer with the links above.!!

hello karan, this is a very old post of mine, please refer to these;

Below is a photo of a little spinach sprout that has been germinated and grown a few leaves using the LED lights.Having sprouted a few plants using this system i have transplanted them over to some compost on my windowsill as I didnt think my bench top supply would be too happy running /.Ive picked up some odds and ends today now my student loan has come through, so hopefully within the next few weeks Ill have a larger system set up with w LEDs and some nice microcontroller control, and quite possibly an instrucle documenting it all.

I dont know much about electronics Mechanical Engg so please bear with me. Last week I went to the electronics market and some guy there told me to use a k ohm resistor in series with one LED and hook it up to a V AC supply from the wall. I did that and it works!!! But unfortunately it works only for LEDs max in series.

Now for the best bit, actually using it..Place the tissue in the small tub and dampen with water, then sprinkle a few seeds ontop and place inside your LED growing tub..tun on..wait.eat delicious plants!depending on what your growing you may need to transplant the seeds into a better growing medium once they have germinated.During my first attempts at growing plants under LED lights, i grew cress in a bean can, and used a PIC microcontroller to turn it on and off every hours, this produced ilry good results, the cress grew quicker than some placed on my windowsill.After reading around a bit on the internet whether you agree with the use of a certain herb which is currently illegal in the uk or not, the people who grow it tend to be very knowledgeable on plant cultivation, and have a wealth of experience in growing plants under artificial lights i found talk of keeping lights on for hours during vegetative growth stages, then encouraging flowering by switching to hours on and hours off during, i dont know if this applies to all plants, but i shall be experimenting.Im still playing around with this so any suggestions/improvements are greatly appreciated, and if anybody decides to do this themselves i hope you do, its great fun i would love to hear about your results.

In this instrucle i shall be demonstrating how to grow small plants under the glorious glow of LED lights. Woop!

This step is irly straight forward.Take the glue and haphazardly glue the LEDs to the lid of your container of choice then plug it into a power supply and hope nothing blows upDISCLAIMER its not my ult if anything blows up.when nothing does blow up let out a sigh of relief and relish in the futuristic glow of your new LED grow light system!Note on voltages for the setup im using i found that volts was adequate to light all the LEDs and for nothing to get too hot, and for the current consumption to be adequate. YMMV. i strongly suggest using a variable power supply to find the optimum voltage.

Now I want to use the AC power supply to light up about LEDs and I dont want to use a transformer Again, not possible on student budget D P. Can you give me a minimalist circuit diagram and if possible parts list to get this done.

Hi there! Awesome project but grainy pictures. I am a student too, so I can totally understand Check out my instrucles theyve got the worst photos P. Anyway not straying away from topic, I am doing a similar project with LEDs.

Thank you for your instrucle and thanks in advance for all replies

There are a couple of ways to do this, in past experiments i have just drilled holes in bean cans/tubs then glued LEDs in place and wired them up by soldering wire between each one.In this incarnation i have chosen to build x LED modules, in the below is a very quickly scrawled diagram of how the LEDs are wired on the pieces of strip board.Once each module has been built they where wired in parallel to the power supply……..i wish i was better at explaining this.basically, as long as you have enough light coming from the LEDs and you are comforle with the way they have been wired, and most importantly nothing explodes or smells funny you should be ok. Its pretty really.Whatever you do, dont forget to include some form of current limiting resistor, if the first year and a half of my electronics degree is anything to go by, they seem rather important.With the of my tub i chose to use a x LED modules, giving a total of red LEDs, and only one blue LED.Why only one blue LED??After a bit of googleing sometime ago i stumbled on a i think NASA project to do with growing plants under LEDs, and they said you need a lot less blue light than red, and a biologist friend of mine confirmed this….and that is why there is only one blue light.Growing Plantsled lights With LED Lights

EnergyEled lightsfficient

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If you cant see spending what it costs for an LED replacement now, at least switch to a CFL to reduce your costs for one bulb life of about years and then reevaluate the situation then. It will reduce the amount of mercury that is released into the environment and reduce power demands.

Light for remote areas and porle generatorsbecause of the low power requirement for LEDs, using solar panels becomes more practical and less expensive than running an electric line or using a generator for lighting in remote or offgrid areas. LED light bulbs are also ideal for use with small porle generators which homeowners use for backup power in emergencies.

CFLs are sensitive to frequent on/off cycling. Their rated lifetimes of , hours are reduced in applications where the light is switched on and off very often. Closets and other places where lights are needed for brief illumination should use incandescent or LED bulbs.

The screwin torpedoshape and the smallbase of this bulb is designed for smaller light fixtures throughout the house, from chandeliers to sconces. To use a smaller candelabrabased bulb in a regular socket, you can use a socket reducer.

Designed for bathroom vanities or anywhere a globe bulb is required, these bulbs produce light equivalent to a watt incandescent bulb, yet only consume watts of power. Dimmable from to , these bulbs have a degree beam angle to cast light in a wide area.

Look for certifications including F, Energy Star and UL.

Most LED bulbs in use today are clear or white bulbs, commonly available in cool or warm white light. But LEDs are also available in s and used as inidual bulbs, or in clusters, for special applications.

Available in MR pin base, LEDs are ideal for track lighting. LEDs do not contribute to heat buildup in a room because no matter how long they remain on, they do not get hot to the touch. Also, because they are more efficient than incandescents, and last times longer than CFLs, the frequency of changing bulbs is greatly reduced.

Choose between warm and cool light new LED bulbs are available in cool white light, which is ideal for task lighting, and warm light commonly used for accent or small area lighting.

White The most popular of the LED s. It produces a soft white light, without harsh reflection, glare or shadows.

Costeffectivealthough LEDs are initially expensive, the cost is recouped over time and in battery savings. LED bulb use was first adopted commercially, where maintenance and replacement costs are expensive. But the cost of new LED bulbs has gone down considerably in the last few years. and are continuing to go down. Today, there are many new LED light bulbs for use in the home, and the cost is becoming less of an issue. To see a cost comparison between the different s of energysaving light bulbs, see ourLight Bulb Comparison Charts.

When to turn off your lights The operating life of a bulb is affected by how many times the light is switched on and off. Here are some guidelines to help you get the peak benefit from your light bulbs.

Mercuryfree no mercury is used in the manucturing of LEDs.

These CFLs have more tubing in a smaller area, which generates even more light in a shorter bulb. They pack high light output into a very small space and can be used in fixtures designed for incandescent bulbs, such as le lamps, reading lamps, open hanging lamps, and bare bulb applications.

Click for more information or to buyTrack Lighting pinbase LED bulbs

call your local recycling center to see if they accept this material, otherwise put it in your local trash. Wash your hands afterward.

CFLs are not spot lights. Retail store lighting usually requires narrow focus beams for stronger spot lighting. CFLs are better for area lighting.

Choose high quality bulbs or they will die prematurely do not buy cheap bulbs from eBay or discounters. They are inexpensive because the bulbs use a lowquality chip which ils easily.

CFLs are simply miniature versions of fulld fluorescents. They screw into standard lamp sockets, and give off light that looks similar to the common incandescent bulbs not like the fluorescent lighting we associate with ctories and schools.

Lumen output LED vs CFL vs incandescent

LEDs are now available for standard recessed lighting pots and housings. They range from . to watts, with beam widths from PAR to PAR. Several models are dimmable. Also, because they are more efficient than incandescents. and last times longer than CFLs, the frequency of changing bulbs is greatly reduced.

Light Emitting Diode LEDandCompact Fluorescent Lights CFLbulbs have revolutionized energyefficient lighting.

RedRed is the traditional for maintaining night vision. Some LED headlamps and flashlights have the option of switching to red light for use at night.

Match lumensto the incandescent being replaced. Lumens indicate the amount of light being generated. Watts is a measure of energy use, not light strength. Lumen output is printed on the bulb package or on the bulb product if purchasing bulbs online.

Many different models and s of LED bulbs are emerging in todays marketplace. When choosing a bulb, keep in mind the following

place all materials in a second sealed plastic bag

Mercury is a toxic metal associated with contamination of water, fish, and food supplies, and can lead to adverse health affects. A CFL bulb generally contains an average of mg of mercury about onefifth of that found in the average watch battery, and less than /th of the mercury found in an amalgam dental filling. A power plant will emit mg of mercury to produce the electricity to run an incandescent bulb compared to only .mg of mercury to run a CFL for the same time. The net benefit of using the more energy efficient lamp is positive, and this is especially true if the mercury in the fluorescent lamp is kept out of the waste stream when the lamp expires.

Browse Eartheasys energy efficient lightbulbs

Did you know watts dont tell you how bright a light will be?

Do you need a Way bulb? new LED bulbs are available as combination Way bulbs. These replace , and watt incandescent bulbs, while consuming less power than an incandescent bulb! TheSwitch Way LEDis also omnidirectional, so it can be used anywhere you would use an incandescent.

The rapid development of LED bulb technology is bringing newer LED bulbs to the marketplace which are safer, longer lasting and more energy efficient than todays CFL bulbs. The price of LED bulbs has recently gone down to a more affordable level, and now delivers the best costsavings over the life of the bulb when compared to CFLs or any other light bulb available today.

A complete selection of energyefficient LED light bulbs is available online at Eartheasysonline store.

Approx. K Warm Whitelooks just like incandescent

To compare different light bulbs, you need to know about lumens. Lumens, not watts, tell you how bright a light bulb is, no matter the of bulb. The more lumens, the brighter the light. Beginning in , labels on the front of light bulb packages now state a bulbs brightness in lumens, instead of the bulbs energy usage in watts. For more information, read our articleLumens are the new watts.

Green Green is now the preferred for pilots and the military. The green is also great for retaining night vision, and it doesn’t erase, or render invisible, the red markings on maps and charts.

These are regular CFL spiral lamps which are placed inside a dome cover and fitted with a standard base which fits common lamp sockets. They are designed to give the appearance of the traditional light bulb for consumers looking for the more miliar light bulb appearance. The glass diffuser provides a quality of light similar to the softwhite of incandescent bulbs.

CFLs are available in a variety of shapes to fit a range of lamps and lighting fixtures. See below on this for the most popular CFL shapes.

Standard base or pin base LEDs are available in several s of pin sockets or the standard screw Edison bases for recessed or track lighting.

use a wet rag to clean it up and put all of the pieces, and the rag, into a plastic bag

The principle reason for reduced lifespan of CFLs is heat. CFLs exhibit shorter lifespans in light fixtures and sockets where there is low airflow and heat buildup such as recessed lighting. For these s of sockets it is recommended to ues specially designedCFLs for recessed lighting orLEDs. Another main reason for reduced lifespan of CFLs is toofrequent on/off cycling. These bulbs should be used where they will be left on for steady periods without being flicked on and off.

Durablesince LEDs do not have a filament, they are not damaged under circumstances when a regular incandescent bulb would be broken. Because they are solid, LED bulbs hold up well to jarring and bumping.

Click for more information or to buyLED Tube Lights

We have discontinued sales of CFL bulbs because we are concerned about the inconsistent quality standards among overseas manucturers of CFL bulbs, and the use of mercury in these bulbs.

Designed to replace incandescent candelabra bulbs, these flame tip LEDs deliver the equivalent light of watt incandescents while only drawing . watts of electricity. Because of the heat sink in the base, light doesnt disperse downwards as much as a typical incandescent candelabra bulb.

The chart below shows the amount of brigthness in lumes you can expect from different wattage light bulbs. The LED bulbs require much less wattage than the CFL or Incandescent light bulbs, which is why LED bulbs are more energyefficient and long lasting than the other s of bulb.

Luminous Flux the flow of light measured in lumens. With light bulbs, it provides an estimate of the apparent amount of light the bulb will produce. Depending on the application, much of an incandescents light is wasted because its emitted in every direction. LED bulbs, on the other hand, put out directional light, sending all of the light exactly where its needed.

Click here for information on how we can work together.

Reduces Air and Water PollutionReplacing a single incandescent bulb with a CFL will keep a halfton of CO out of the atmosphere over the life of the bulb. If everyone in the U.S. used energyefficient lighting, we could retire average power plants. Saving electricity reduces CO emissions, sulfur oxide and highlevel nuclear waste.

Amber LED amber bulbs do not attract flying insects, as do ordinary white bulbs. Amber LEDs are used outdoors in areas such as patios and decks where insects flying around lights are a nuisance.

Click for more information or to buyFlood reflector LED bulbs

A significant feature of LEDs is that the light is directional, as opposed to incandescent bulbs which spread the light more spherically. This is an advantage with recessed lighting or undercabinet lighting, but it is a disadvantage for le lamps. New LED bulb designs address the directional limitation by using diffuser lenses and reflectors to disperse the light more like an incandescent bulb.

Comparing the Cost/Benefits of LED vs CFL vs Incandescent Light Bulbs

The high cost of producing LEDs has been a roadblock to widespread use. However, researchers at Purdue University havedevelopeda process for using inexpensive silicon wafers to replace the expensive sapphirebased technology. This promises to bring LEDs into competitive pricing with CFLs and incandescents. LEDs may soon become the standard for most lighting needs. We are following these developments with interest and will report thelatest updatesin this research.

Dimmable CFLs are available for lights using a dimmer switch, but check the package;

CFLs contain small amounts of mercury which is a toxic metal. This metal may be released if the bulb is broken, or during disposal. For more information about mercury and CFLs, see below.

Estimate desired brightness read the package to choose desired brightness level. You can use wattage to compare bulb illumination, for example, a W LED is equivalent in output to a W incandescent. However, the new method for comparing bulbs is lumens. Lumens is the measuse of perceived brightness, and the higher the lumens, the brighter the bulb. The FTC has mandated that all light bulb packages lumens as the primary measure for comparing bulbs. For more information about lumens, see LED Terminology further down this .

Cool these bulbs do not cause heat buildup; LEDs produce . btus/hour, compared to for incandescent bulbs.Common incandescent bulbs get hot and contribute to heat buildup in a room. LEDs prevent this heat buildup, thereby helping to reduceair conditioning costs in the home.

While lumens is the best measurement of comparative lighting among the various bulbs, it is not always a perfect measure. Some floodlights in can lighting use an internal reflector in the bulb to send the light cing downward. When shopping for light bulbs, note that bulbs equipped with reflectors will deliver increased directional light.

Lumen a unit of standard measurement that is used to describe the amount of light contained in an area as perceived by the human eye. The more lumens, the brighter the light. You can use lumens to compare the brightness of any bulb, regardless of the technology behind it, and regardless of whether its incandescent, CFL or LED.

These bulbs are designed as a continuous tube in a spiral shape which has similar outside shape and light casting qualities to a standard incandescent bulb.Spiral CFL bulbs are made in several s to fit most common fixtures.

These lamps are designed to be ideal for recessed and track lighting fixtures, indoors and outdoors. They provide diffused, soft, white light, and generate less heat than will an incandescent flood or a halogen bulb. CFL flood lamps are available in varying s and wattages.

Blue Many people like the blue because it is very easy on the eyes. Blue appears to be a good reading light for elderly eyes. Elderly folks report that they can read under the blue light for hours without eyestrain, compared to severe eyestrain in less than minutes with incandescent lighting.

The mercury in compact fluorescent bulbs poses no threat while in the bulb, but if you break one

Less ExpensiveAlthough initially more expensive, you save money in the long run because CFLs use / the electricity and last up to times as long as incandescents. A single watt CFL used in place of a watt incandescent will save about kWh over its lifetime. At cents per kWh, that equates to a savings.

CFL bulbs have a Kelvin or K number listed on the packaging. CFLs with K numbers between give off a soft bright light like incandescents. CFLs with K numbers between give off a bright light. As you go up the K number scale the light gets bluish and closer to daylight.

Burned out CFLs can be dropped off at Home Depot and Ikea stores. Another solution is to save spent CFLs for a community household hazardous waste collection, which would then send the bulbs to cilities capable of treating, recovering or recycling them. For more information on CFL disposal or recycling, you can contact your local municipality.

Designed to replace fluorescent tube bulbs, these LED tubes are available in and watts, which replace traditional watt and watt T/T/T fluorescent tubes. Because fluorescent lights are often installed in high ceilings in commercial sites, there are additional savings because the frequency of changing bulbs is greatly reduced.

In this LED bulb, clusters of LEDs are covered by a dimpled lens which spreads the light out over a wider area. Available in standard Edison bases, these bulbs have many uses, such as area lighting for rooms, porches, reading lamps, accent lamps, hallways and lowlight applications where lights remain on for extended periods.

This shape is commonly used in bathroom vanity mirrors or open hanging lamps, and bare bulb applications. Bathroom vanities usually require multiple bulbs, which generate radiant heat. The CFL globe will reduce this heat buildup while saving energy. The glass diffuser provides a softwhite light.

not all CFLs can be used on dimmer switches. Using a regular CFL with a dimmer can shorten the bulb life span.

are solid light bulbs which are extremely energyefficient. When first developed, LEDs were limited to singlebulb use in applications such as instrument panels, electronics, pen lights and, more recently, strings of indoor and outdoor Christmas lights.

In practical application, when buying a light bulb, we should look for bhlbs which produce more light but consumes less energy. Understanding lumens as a measure of brightness makes it easier to select the most efficient bulb for your application. This is also important

Choose between standard and dimmable bulbs some LED bulbs, such as theSwitch, LEDnovation and FEIT LED bulbs, are now available as dimmable bulbs. They will work on your standard dimmer switch.

Coloring Rendering Index CRI CRI represents the quality of light and its ithfulness to render s correctly, that is, to enable us to perceive s as we know them. The ideal CRI is , and some incandescent bulbs approach this level. LEDs and CFLs use different design components in trying to equal the CRI of incandescent bulbs. LED bulbs CRI ratings range from to , and the best CFLs have ratings in the mid s. The LEDCREE CR bulb, for example, features a CRI of Warm White it one of the highest in the industry.

EfficientCFLs are four times more efficient and last up to times longer than incandescents. A watt CFL has about the same light output as a watt incandescent. CFLs use less energy than incandescents.

Correlated Color Temperature Tis the measure used to describe the relative appearance of a white light source. T indicates whether a light source appears more yellow/gold/orange or more blue, in terms of the range of available shades of white. T is given in kelvins unit of absolute temperature. K is Warm and K is Cool. The typical light we are used to in indoor home lighting is warm, K.

Flood Reflector LEDs for Recessed Cans and Track lights, screwin base

LonglastingLED bulbs last up to times as long as compact fluorescents, and r longer than typical incandescents.

Electric lighting burns up to of the average home energy budget.

CFLs can be used outdoors, but should be covered or shaded from the elements. Low temperatures may reduce light levels check the package label to see if the bulb is suited for outdoor use.

VersatileCFLs can be applied nearly anywhere that incandescent lights are used. Energyefficient CFLs can be used in recessed fixtures, le lamps, track lighting, ceiling fixtures and porchlights. way CFLs are also now available for lamps with way settings. Dimmable CFLs are also available for lights using a dimmer switch.

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Although CFLs are an excellent source of energyefficient lighting, they are not always the best choice for all lighting applications. Here are a few limitations to consider

Manucturers have expanded the application of LEDs by clustering the small bulbs. The first clustered bulbs were used for battery powered items such as flashlights and headlamps. Today, LED bulbs are made using as many as bulbs per cluster, and encased in diffuser lenses which spread the light in wider beams. Now available with standard bases which fit common household light fixtures, LEDs are the next generation in home lighting.

CFLs are available in a variety of s or shapes. Some have two, four, or six tubes. Older models, and specialty models, haveseparate tubes and ballasts.Some CFLs have the tubes and ballast permanently connected. This allows you to change the tubes without changing the ballast. Others have circular or spiralshaped tubes. In general, the or total suce area of the tube determines how much light the bulb produces.

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More efficientLED light bulbs use only watts of electricity /rd to /th of Incandescent or CFL. LED bulbs used in fixtures inside the home save electricity, remain cool and save money on replacement costs since LED bulbs last so long.Small LED flashlight bulbs will extend battery life to times longer than with incandescent bulbs.

The common s of LED bulbs include the following

open a window and leave the room for minutes or more

HighQuality LightNewer CFLs give a warm, inviting light instead of the cool white light of older fluorescents. They use rare earth phosphors for excellent and warmth. New electronically ballasted CFLs dont flicker or hum.

The electricity used over the lifetime of a single incandescent bulb costs to times the original purchase price of the bulb itself.

Approx. K Cool Whitewhite/blue, bright light

Comparing LED, CFL Incandescent bulbs

LEDsare small, very efficient solid bulbs.New LED bulbsare grouped in clusters with diffuser lenses which have broadened the applications for LED use in the home. LED technology is advancing rapidly, with many new bulb s available.Initially more expensive than CFLs, LEDs bring more value since they last longer. Also, the price of LED bulbs is going down each year as the manucturing technology continues to improve.

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