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March 3, 2018 / by admin

Kevin and George have both praised the Touch lighting controls. They have told me on a couple occasions that they are the coolest, best technology controls they have installed todate.

Our team continues to get excited about the many new projects coming online with our Touch Lighting Control solution. From one room, to one floor, to many floors or buildings, its been great to see our users experiencing increased efficiencies, cost savings

Lets be honest. Networked lighting controls can get a bit technical. Wall switches are one thing. But finely tuned systems driven by stateoftheart software are something else altogether. But this is why we love every opportunity we get to make our system

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At Touch Lighting Control we make design easy with our stateoftheart onedevice control system.

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Born out of years of electrical engineering and construction experience, we build featurerich, easytouse commercial lighting control systems that simply work. Our team is committed to simplifying the lighting control design, installation, maintenance and expansion processes all while providing a stateoftheart solution that project customers love to use.

Its amazing how and easy to use the Touch system has been for us. I never imagined that a lighting control system coiuld help us save both time and money, but Touch is delivering.

On September , , Michigan became the latest state to join the march toward more advanced commercial energy codes across the country. The changes in Michigan represent the first code updates in more than six years for the state

Designing for lighting control systems can be challenging. We have the solution.Brilliant Lighting‎Touch Lighting Control

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