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Brilliant Lighting‎Brilliant Volt LED Rope Light Feet

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Brilliant Lighting‎Brilliant Volt LED Rope Light FeetAll connections must be sealed with awaterproof sealant or siliconeandweatherproof heat tape kitwhen installing exterior LED rope lighting.

Looking to add some extra pizzazz your project? Purchase an optional wire rope light controller to create extra effects. Add amultifunction controllerto your order and really show off your rope lights.

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Universal MultiFunction Volt LED Rope and Strip Light Controller

Great product. Highly recommend.Was the above review useful to you?Yes /NoAdam BilodeauOct , Vibrant . Well made.

LED Rope Lights are premarked for cutting at specific intervals and can be connected to a variety of accessories with minimal tools and expertise. For more information please see ourguide to installing led rope lights.

Function Flashing Controller with Sound Chip .

/ Inch Crocodile Rope Light Mounting Clips Pack

ILLUMICLIP Rope Light Mounting Clips For Edging Pack

Wavelength Red nmnm, Blue nmnm, Green nmnm, Yellow nmnm

Rope Light Calculator Calculate the length and sections required for your lighting project.

Colorchanging rope light can be found here RGB rope lights.

Calculate Max Run Length Calculate the maximum length on a single run of lights.

Brilliant volt LED rope lights are UL certified and come with ayear limited warranty. Omnidirectional bulb orientation produces an even, vibrant glow in all directions. The high quality, ultraflexible PVC allows you to turn corners, make Ubends, and is safe for indoor and outdoor LED rope lighting at v. It can be used for many applications in your home or business. Choose from brilliant s warm white, cool white, red, blue, gold, green, yellow, orange, or fuchsia or choose our multi ed LED rope lights for a mix of several s.

Rope Light Suction Cup Mounting Clips Pack

Calculate Total Amperage Determine the total amperage and wattage of your run of lights.

Foot Anodized Aluminum Track for / Inch Rope Light

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Universal MultiFunction Controller .

To avoid damaging your lighting and the possible fire risk, completely unspool lights before connecting to power.

Inch x / Inch Clear Rope Light Mounting Track

/ Inch Rope Light CStyle Mounting Clips Pack

/ Inch Rope Light PStyle Mounting Clips Pack

Premium LED Clear End Cap with Shrink Tubing pack

Need a shorter length? Let us cut the rope light for you. Visit ourcustom cut rope light.Every Brilliant volt LED rope light ft spool comes ready to plug in with the cord and end cap ctory attached.

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Mardi Gras Sale Off all ft Green, Purple Gold LED Rope Light Spools! Offer valid through /.

We strongly recommend the use of asurge protectorwith our rope lights.

DisadvantagesNone so r first time User of this MFG.Was the above review useful to you?Yes /NoDavidOct , Purchased the orange rope light and accessory kit. We were blown away by how bright and true the orange is. We had to cut the rope in several lengths and used the connections easy, easy, easy!!

Get your hands on our most popular LED rope lights at the lowest price ever. These Brilliant volt LED rope light spools are available in a variety of s. Each inch diameter spool is feet in length, and can be cut every . inches on all s except multi which is .. Determine the youd like for your project and enjoy your long lasting Brilliant rope lights.

Prior to cutting or modifying your lights, we recommend testing the light output and for your project. Failure to test before altering a product may result in the inability to return or exchange your purchase.

These LED rope lights can be cut at . inch intervals on all s except multi which is . so you can customize the length to suit your project. Versatile, durable, and flexible, LED rope lighting in v will save you time and energy compared to incandescent rope light.

Volt / Inch High Output LED Power Supply

Mounting clipstrack, and additionalaccessoriessold separately.

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