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We at Wipro Lighting, take pride in being one of the leadingLED light manucturersaround the globe. Being technology oriented, our luminaires are designed to deliver the finest in lighting solutions for industrial and commercial spaces. With a capacity to service multilocational accounts, we are the leaders in lighting for green buildings. We have over branches and more than stockists to deliver seamless services. Be itPendant lightsfor your office space or ahigh mast lightin the parking lot,Wipro has got you covered for all commercial and industrial needs!

LED lighting is a preferred solution to a longer service life with cost optimization and energy savings in across airports, metro and railway stations, bus stands, railway coaches and other transport infrastructures.

Today many companies operate late through the night time which makes it significantly important to provide the workers with good outdoor lighting solutions encouraging visual task performance and health and safety at work. Wipros outdoor lighting solutions help people to work safely and smartly and keep the companies running through the night reducing accidental risks by manifold.

As we progress further into the st Century, lighting industry is going through major overhauls. The introduction ofLED lightsis a revolutionary technological advancement in the lighting industry since Edisons light bulb. LED lights are modern lighting solutions documented for their high efficiency and effectiveness. When compared to the conventional light sources, LEDs have an extended longevity, are ecofriendly, maintenancefree and safe. LED ceiling lightsare perfect lighting solutions for offices, banks, and retail spaces. LED lights are a smart option for industries such as architectural lighting, aviation, entertainment, traffic, and transportation. Catering to the needs of the customers, there is a broad range of LED lights available in the market which includes LED lamp, spotlights, floodlights, street lights, recessed lights, pendant lights, clean room lights, landscape lights and more. We at Wipro Lighting, have over years of experience in commercial lighting solutions. With our sustainable ecofriendly infrastructure, we encourage cleaner and greener planet.

use around less electricity as compared to traditional lighting sources. Initially their

Busy public areas like airports and metro stations require uniform light distribution to maintain visual harmony and balance of aesthetics and functionality.

Choose from Wipros wide range of refurbishment options to achieve optimal visual quality and lower the operating costs all at the same time.

The surety of a bright future is the best possible gift for the students of today.

Well illuminated exhibits attract attention and drive people to spend happily.

price might be high, but in the long run, they prove to be extremely economical.

! They have an expected lifespan of more than , hours which results in reduced labor cost of replacing lighting fixtures.

If you are cing any problem, you can also mail your request to

All cleanrooms demand precision and zero errors.

Safety is the major concern in pharmaceutical and FB industry. Carefully designed customized lighting reduces the risk of broken glass lling on medicines, food or the workers.

Wipros landscape lighting solutions are a testimony to our belief in developing innovative LED lighting luminaires that not only improve and enhance peoples lives while them feel safe and welcome, it also helps towns and communities to attract business relocations and tourists from across the World. This integrated way of looking at things creates conditions for energy efficient lighting solutions, which allows citizens and visitors take away a lasting impression of the city, by enhancing the streets, structures and heritage in a cheerful and inspirational way.

Wipros range of Healthcare cility luminaires help patients relax and recover sooner by creating a homely atmosphere in patient room and also boosts the morale of the doctors and nursing staff to cilitate the visual tasks effectively.

Accentuate every detail of ed products and give people a memorable shopping experience each time.

Uniform and vibrant LED Lighting can aid concentration in students by keeping them vigilant and alert and the learning process an enjoyable experience altogether.

Luminaires that wont flicker or shatter like glass lamps and give you a long lifespan with a longterm maintenance free service.

Proficient LED lighting enhances the look and feel of your retail store which gives a welcoming ambience and creates all the difference.

The durable quality of LED lights makes them sturdy enough to withstand rough conditions. From extreme temperature fluctuations to vibration and shock, these lights can withstand even the toughest weather conditions.

Explore our range of office lighting and how it can optimise your workspace!

LED lighting technology has opened avenues to creating lighting solutions that give high importance to energy efficiency, sustainability, and operational cost reduction.

Good lighting can work wonders in Healthcare Facility area. Be it easing the tensions of a recovering patient or having a motivating effect on the doctors while they attend the patients, lighting can ensure the right degree of visibility and visual comfort.

Heatfree LED lamps prevent costly production delays and enhance operational efficiency and safety with clean and sterile work environment.

Sturdy fixtures with rugged profiles, robust interiors amalgamated with highefficiency LEDs to withstand extreme work conditions.

With the electricity rates going up each passing day, it is imperative to find a lighting solution that consumes less energy without compromising on the output

As one of the leaders in LED technology, we have the deep expertise and range of systems to transform your workspace into effective lighting applications.

Wipro Lighting has always looked at transforming the power of tomorrow, and with our manucturing excellence, it enables us to experiment and innovate with the technology. One such example is the recent instance, where VERGE LED won the prestigious Red Dot Award. With a team of highlyqualified and wellexperienced lighting design professionals and application experts, we at Wipro Lighting seek to inspire a new age of lighting solutions.

Create conditions for all travellers to be seen well enough and be vigilant and a great sense of security for the passersby, is what road lighting is largely about. Developing innovative road lighting solutions that enhance the safety of the travellers by lowering accidental risks and at the same time providing charmingly illuminated towns and cities is what we believe in. Take a look into Wipros wide range of road lighting luminaires that provide for safer and attractive skyline and streets without putting pressure on the budgets.

Enliven your workspaces with beautiful and energyefficient LED lighting luminaires to ensure your colleagues feel excited about work and ce new challenges each day with the exact same zeal.

Looking for a longlasting lighting solution?

Not only are LED lighting solutions great for the environment but they also generate less power. Also, they are safe to touch even after running for hours.

Today, refurbishment is the most optimum way to achieve high energy efficiency with better light quality and minimised costs in the longer run.Street lights LED‎LED Lights f

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