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LED street light‎Street Lighting Market Global Industry Analysis and Forecast to to

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Street light is used in performance monitoring activities such as in traffic control conditions and weather conditions. Falling LED prices, various initiatives and projects by government to make city smarter and reducing carbon emissions are some of the key issue which leads to drive the global street lighting market. Growing urbanization and product up gradation are also some of the key ctor for growth of global street lighting market. Various street lighting manuctures focuses on several issues such low energy consumption, long predicle lifetime, accurate rendering, low electrical losses, light pollution and introducing environmental friendly street lighting system such as solar street light. Such initiative further helps in the growth of global street lighting market.

Analysis of business strategies of the top players

Many global brands such as Philips, Honeywell and Osram offers customize products in the market with emphasis on latest technology, quality, innovation and value combined with better aftersales services. Growing investment over research and development on various street lighting and introduction of new technology such as wireless, sensor based street light further helps in the growth of street lighting market. The total number of global street light in is around .million, this number is expected to reach . million by . Such growth in number of street lighting further boosts the global street lighting market. Asia pacific is one of the prominent markets for growth of street lighting. Recently in a street light project, Chinese government provided strong incentives to replace streetlights with LEDbased streetlights due to its great energy savings efficiency. Such project by government also helps in the market growth of street light. Asia Pacific is expected to witness stest growth rates in street lighting market during forecasted period . In North America, the U.S holds the largest market share in street lighting market. Introduction of new and innovative products in the street lighting further boost the street lighting market. The global street lighting market is expected to grow in a single digit growth rate during forecasted period .

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Street light is a raised source of light on the edge of a road, which is mainly used to provide light. Street lighting plays a crucial role in the safety and security of our streets and public places. Street lighting is mainly used in highways and roadways in order to illuminate the driving route safe and convenient in night. Various s of street lighting are incandescent light, fluorescent light, mercury vapor light, metal halide light, induction light, solar light, high pressure sodium light and lightemitting diode LED. Apart from highways street light is also used in commercial, industrial and residential purpose mainly in garden, hotels and bridge. Investment by multinational companies on street light in design, production and application helps in the growth of street lighting market.

Latest innovations and key events in the industry

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Some of the major companies operating in global street lighting market are Bridgelux, Cree, GE Lighting, Acuity Brands, Inc., Digital Lumens, Inc., Encelium Technologies, Inc., Honeywell International, Legrand S.A., Lutron Elecronics, Co., Osram Licht AG, Royal Philips Electronics N.V.

Streetlight.Vision, Cooper Lighting ision, Siemens, Matsua Electric Industrial Co., Bajaj Electricals and Zumtobel AG.

Drivers, restraints, and challenges shaping the Street Lighting market dynamics

Street Lighting market estimates and forecasts

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