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September 29, 2018 / by admin

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The three LED light pond and landscape lighting kit comes with everything that you will need Three prewired lights, transformer and photo eye timer. You can also choose your own light assembly by selecting the items inidually.

These lights are completely sealed from water and come with a five year warranty! These are the best LED submersible lights in the industry for ponds, fountains, pondless watells and landscapes.

Your existing pond lights are either flooded with water or not working, so its time to replace them with low wattage, longlasting underwater pond lights.

All lights include easytoinstall two pin connection fitting. These connections make installing your new LED lights very easy. Additional lights can then be added to your light system using the three or six way connector. Click on the illustration to the right to see a enlarged photo of how these lights can be interconnected.

Watch the how to install underwater koi pond lightsvideo below to see how easy it is to install new lights into your koi pond.

Pond Depot provides excellent technical assistance and st shipping for all orders. The staff at Pond Depot are certified pond contractors that can help you with any questions about your koi pond.led lights Pond Depot your online pond superstore!

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