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led panelial Lighting

October 14, 2018 / by admin

For a full description of our products includigpricesandspec sheetsplease click on Products below.

Just fill in the details and click onShow costs and savings. It takes a little while to calculate so please be patient.

We offer year guarantees and year guarantees on our light tubes. By the expiry of the guarantees LEDtubes will have covered their own costs and already producedsignificant savings. They willcontinue to produce savings for many years.Warranties of up to years are availabe on many of our products.If you do not see theenergy savings on your next electricity bill,return the tubes or well collect themand well give you your money back.

Our tubes are certified to comply with the following standards

Spread the cost of LED lighting with credit and start saving on energy costs now.

Tired of replacing fluorescent tubes?An LED tubeused hours a day, days a yearcan last. years without the dimming or flickering associated with fluorescent tubes. Thats a long time between replacements!

Inexpensive LED Tubes, Brisbane. Switch from fluorescents and save electricity costs. Complies with Australian Standards.

LED Tube Lighting Pty. Ltd.is registered as a Responsible Supplieron the Australian National Register of Equipment Suppliers and our tubes areRegistered Equipment. Our Supplier number is E.We obtain all of thelab testing and certification required to show that our products comply with Australian Standards and satisfy the necessary regulations under Australian law.

Our LED lighting improves lighting quality, virtually eliminates maintenance andreduceselectricity usage by more than half. Our LED productsprovide an affordable retrofit or new fit outsolution for businesses looking formore attractive and efficient lighting.

Want to know what our LED tubes can save you… in your exact circumstances?

We produce a range ofsuper high quality flood lightswith Philips, Samsung and Cree LED modules and a Mean Well driver. Our flood lightshave customizable beam angles are available inup to wand are designed to workin the most demanding conditions.

Wemanucturethe widestvariety ofLED tubesin Australia.Whether youminaires have electronic or magnetic ballasts,Tor Twe can supply anLED tubethat will fit your existingluminaire. We can alsosupplyspecialistLEDlight battensinto whichany LEDtubes can be fitted.

Our commercial LED lighting products are low watt and high power ctor themboth economical to run and environmentally friendly.

Wemanuctureenergy efficienthigh lumen LED tubesdimmable LED tubes.We also manuctureLED refrigeration tubesincludingwater resistant IPrefrigeration tubes.OurLED battensintegrated LED luminairesandLED panel lightsprovide a complete alternative to inefficient fluorescent lighting.

We also specialize inhigh watt commercial lighting. Our stylishhigh bay LED tubescan produce more than ,lm providing a cost effectivedesigner alternative tounattractive high bay can lighting.Ourhigh watt light bulbsproduce over ,lm. They have a long life span,producevery little heat and arean easyreplacement for metal halide and halogen bulbs inhigh bay, street lighting and other applications.

Weaimto provide businesses with a the latest in LED technologyand bclearinformation on LED lighting options, to make the change to LEDlighting easy.

Pleasefeel free toemail or call us and one of our technicians will be glad to answerany query.If you would like to learn more about LEDtechnology,click on ourFAQsor read more.

Dont risk buying a tube that is unsafe and ils to meetAustralian standards.All of ourtubes areindependently tested and certified.Our SAA certificatenumber for our most popular models isSAAand our Certificate of Suiilitycan be seen byclickinghereor on SAA symbol to the right.Safety is our paramount concern.

Replacefluorescent tubes withLEDtubes. Replace high watt halogen or metal halide bulbs with high watt LED bulbs.Replace high watt flood lights and high bay lights with LED flood lights and LED high bay.LED lighting of the same or greater brightness, consumes less than fifty percent of the power. The electricity savings begin to accrue immediately, and becausewe keep our margins low and provide bulk discounts, thetotal cost of purchase and replacement can be recoveredfrom electricity savings in their first year of use.If youwould like more details in respect of how savings are calculated please read more.

We bank with and are proudly supported by Westpac.

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