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LED street light‎Warm White LED Streetlights Why Theyre Better for Our Environment

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Home Lighting A Guide to Understanding Light Bulb Shapes, Sizes, and Codes

Throughout the day, light changes from a warm white at dawn to natural white then to a cool white in the afternoon, back to natural white, and eventually to an ultra warm white at sunset. Our bodies are used to this cycle of light. Artificial lights that deviate from the natural lighting cycle can throw off our circadian rhythms. The National Institute of General Medical Sciences states that, Circadian rhythms are physical, mental and behavioral changes that follow a roughly hour cycle, responding primarily to light and darkness in an organisms environment.

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Because blue light has a larger reach, cool white LED lights used outdoors at night can contribute to light pollution, or brightening of the sky. This decreases the visibility of stars and can have a negative effect on astronomical research. If cool white LED lights are used, they should be shielded or aimed directly downward to prevent light pollution.

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T will tell you what hue and tone of white to expect from a specific streetlight. It is measured in Kelvin K, which is similar to degrees in Celsius. Different temperatures on the Kelvin scale represent different s. For example, light at KK looks more orange/yellow and is called ultra warm or warm white, and as temperature increases in Kelvin, changes to more of a white known as natural or neutral white between K and K and finally into a bluishwhite known as cool white KK.

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The International DarkSky Association IDA, a group whose purpose is to protect the night sky, recommends that LED street lights have a T of K or less. These street lights will have a warm white glow that is safer for people and wildlife. The T of daylight is right around K, which appears pretty blue. Introducing that of light into peoples homes through their windows at night can suppress melatonin production and disrupt circadian rhythm. Melatonin doesnt just help us ll asleep; it has antioxidant properties, boosts the immune system, and regulates certain hormones. There have beenstudiesshowing that it can even aid in IBS as well as migraine and cancer prevention.

According to . . . different s of light trigger different physiological effects. Blue/white light, akin to a bright midday light, suppresses melatonin and increases serotonin, this light is great for activity. Conversely red/orange light triggers melatonin in preparation for going to sleep. If everything is in balance, the body will generate dopamine, serotonin, cortisol and melatonin in the right quantities at the right time of day.

All of the cts about cool white lighting clearly show why lights that emit this shouldnt be used in outdoor public spaces at night. This does not mean that cool white LED lights are bad by any means. They are simply better suited for indoor applications or areas that wont have a wide reach, such as building entrances or loading docks. Theyre also great for applications with lights that wont remain on throughout the night, such as outdoor sports stadiums. The same goes for natural white LED streetlights. Theyre an improvement on cool white lights but are still better suited for similar applications.Warm white LED street lights and parking lot lightswith a T of K or lessare a much better option for public outdoor areas. They emit a much smaller portion of blue lightwhich is unnoticeable to the eyeand are currently the best options available for street lighting.

At night, blue light used outdoors can also wreak havoc on ecology. Introducing light with a T thats close to daylight essentially changes the daily cycle that plants and animals are used to. They depend on this cycle of light and dark for hunting, reproduction, sleeping, migrating, and protection. Nocturnal animals have suffered greatly from cool white light at night; the IDAreportsthat, according to research scientist Christopher Kyba, . . . the introduction of artificial light probably represents the most drastic change human beings have made to their environment. Insect populations are declining because they are attracted to the cool white light. They circle under it until the point of exhaustion and death. Plants, birds, and other animals need insects to survive, so this ct alone greatly affects our ecosystem.

Warm White LED Streetlights Why Theyre Better for Our Environment

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On their website, the IDA cites important information from areporout human and environmental effects of LED streetlights. According to this report, studies have shown that being exposed to light with a higher T before going to bed can negatively affect sleeping patterns. The report goes on to say that continuous sleep disruptions can lead to cancer, obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

In addition to the possible effects on health, cool white street lights can increase disability glare. Disability glare happens when stray light enters the eye and affects your ability to see distances and space correctly. According to thereport, this happens . . . because blue light scatters more within the human eye.  While its not directly causing harm to someones health, glare decreases driver safety and can lead to traffic accidents.

LED streetlights are great for the environment. They consume much less energy than standard highintensity discharge HID lights, last three times longer, and they reduce greenhouse gas emissions and maintenance costs. In general, LED lights also contribute less to light trespass because they emit direct illumination. Because of all their great qualities, many cities have started to convert from HID toLED streetlights. What some cities have iled to consider, however, is that while LED streetlights are capable of emitting different s of light, not every should be used in public outdoor spaces. Bright bluerich white light can cause some issues for residents, local wildlife, and night sky visibility. When it comes to streetlights, the warmer the /correlated temperature T the better.

LED street light‎LUX LED vs HPS Street Lighting

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• Superior reliability with year limited warranty

• CRI of for great rendering and visibility

LED lighting solutions have never been more accessible or affordable than now. With multiple rebate programs and incentives, more cities are the switch to LED street lighting. And why wouldnt they? As we all know by now, LEDs are energyefficient and longlasting which means huge savings on the energy bill as well as reduced maintenance costs. But what about the other benefits? Such as reduced crime rate, safer neighborhoods, and overall perceived improvement? These are all benefits that LED street lighting can offer compared to the orangey glow of the high pressure sodium HPS street lighting still illuminating most of our streets and neighborhoods.

Read the entire Forbes article on LAs LED lighting projecthere.

LUX has a series of highpowered street and area lighting that can help you achieve great savings in your own city.

The biggest difference between LEDs and HPS lights other than the energy savings, of course is the overall appearance of the light. LEDs not only feature a crisp  similar to moonlight/natural light anywhere from K to K, but also a great CRI of at least . This is hugely important because the CRI is what determines the visibility and ability to see things as intended. The CRI for HPS lights, in comparison, can be as low as . This makes visibility muddier and more difficult to discern detail and . When visibility is decreased, so is safety which means an increase in crime. Visibility is an obviously important ctor when it comes to lighting streets and neighborhoods at night. Take a look at this chart that compares basic statistics between LED street lighting and HPS.

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Infographic Why LEDs Are the EcoFriendly Lighting Choice

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Portland recently converted , city street lights to LED in the largest efficiency the city has undergone. Savings from the program have now topped , per month and those monthly savings will continue to grow as more lights are converted. Read morehere.

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Are you looking to switch out HPS street lights for energyefficient LEDs in your city or neighborhood? Los Angeles is now saving . million annually. LED lighting makes streets safer as well. Keep reading…

Los Angeles, CA began a huge installation of , LED street lamps in . Since the conversion from HPS to LEDs, the city has recorded up to energy savings and cost savings of . million this past year. The cost savings are the result of not only a savings in electricity cost, but a reduce in maintenance costs as well. As an article on Forbes reports, In , preLED rollout, Los Angeles logged , street light repair and maintenance events; in FY , maintenance and repair events fell to ,. LEDs are longer lived than the incumbent units they replace years versus years, which means that maintenance should steadily decline as LED units are fully deployed.

Lit by LUX Recycled Bicycle Chandeliers by FacaroLED street light‎LUX LED vs HPS Street Lighting

China Bans “Foreign Waste” set off alarm bells

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British media said that the Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Agency Erik Solheim said on the 29th that China’s crackdown on the import of plastic “foreign waste” should be a signal to rich countries to strengthen recycling and reduce non-essential products such as plastic straws.


Reuters reported on January 29th that China is the main recipient of more than half of Western countries’ plastic waste exports. Since China banned the import of “foreign waste” including some grades of plastic and paper waste, some western ports have already accumulated large amounts of waste. . Solheim, who once served as Norway’s environment minister, called for the developed countries to reconsider the use of plastics after this month’s China regulations came into force. Do not simply think about finding places to dump overseas. He said: “I have heard some Europeans complain about China’s decision. We should regard this decision as a benefit to the Chinese people and a warning for the rest of the world.”


He said, “There are many products that we don’t need at all.” The most typical example is plastic particles, which are mostly used in cosmetics such as facial scrubs or abrasives in toothpaste, but they are used in global oceans, rivers, and lakes. There is pollution. Solheim agreed with the ban on the use of plastic particles. The United States passed a law prohibiting the use of plastic particles in 2015. Similar UK laws also came into effect this month.


Reported that there are also straws, he said: “Ordinary Americans consume 600 straws each year, resulting in a lot of plastic waste sorting machine, everyone can drink water directly from the cup or bottle.” He suggested that restaurants and bars can post “If you It does require straws. We can provide instructions such as “Some companies have reduced the use of straws.”


Solheim said companies including Coca-Cola, Nestle and Danone are taking steps to increase the recycling rate of plastic products, or switch to biodegradable packaging materials. Kenya has banned the use of plastic bags. However, he said, “This issue is very serious. The government and companies need to make greater efforts.”


The report said that he said that it is much better for countries to handle the waste generated in their own country than to find new waste exporters. He added that after the ban was issued in China, “the emerging countries like India and Vietnam have not clearly shown their willingness to take over these wastes.”


led panelLEDPanel Test

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Eingesetzt werden LED Panels immer dann, wenn ein Raum oder eine Flche mglichst gleichmig aber unaufdringlich und stromsparend beleuchtet werden soll. Zustzlich ist z.B. eine LED Deckenleuchte auch optisch deutlich ansprechender als viele andere Lampen oder Leuchtstoffrhren.

So wird es dir gelingen, ein hochwertiges LED Leuchtpanel zu einem guten PreisLeistungsverhltnis zu bekommen.

Es wird bei den Farbtemperaturen unterschieden zwischen

Gute LED Flchenleuchten, also LED Panels erreichen locker auch mal bis zu . Lumen.

LED Panel mit einer IPSchutzklasse mit einer an der zweiten Stelle also z.B. IP sind sogar gegen einen Wasserstrahl aus beliebiger Richtung geschtzt.

Wer auf Nummer Sicher gehen will, dass das LED Panel den Wetterkapriolen Stand hlt, sollte sich die angegebene IPKlasse genau anschauen. Grundlegend gilt hierbei, dass die Schutzklassen mit einer an der zweiten Stelle also z.B. IP und IP zeigen, dass das LED Panel gegen Spritzwasser geschtzt ist.

Da der Stromverbrauch bei LED Flchenleuchten auch noch viel niedriger ist als bei bspw. Natriumdampflampen kann somit auch viel Geld gespart werden.

Denn es verbraucht bei gleicher Helligkeit mehr Strom Watt.

LED Panel Wenn du eine Alternative zu einer klassischen Zimmer oder Schreibtischlampe suchst, knnte ein modernes LED Panel die Lsung fr dich sein

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Dadurch knnen durch die nachtrgliche Anschaffung eines entsprechenden Netzteils auch bereits gekaufte LED Panels nachtrglich dimmbar gemacht werden.

Auch hier lautet die Antwort eindeutig ja. Es gibt spezielle LED Panel, die ein VollspektrumLicht bieten und damit besonders gut fr die Aufzucht von Pflanzen geeignet sind. Denn dadurch erhalten die Pflanzen das natrlichste Licht, wie sie es sonst nur in der Natur bekommen.

LED Panels bzw. LED Deckenpanel sind die moderne Alternative zu unansehnlichen Lampen mit Leuchtstoffrhren oder leuchtschwache Arbeitsplatzbeleuchtungen. Denn sie sind insbesondere deswegen zur Raumbeleuchtung geeignet, da ihr Licht diffus und nicht blendend und mit einem breiten Abstrahlwinkel abgegeben wird. Dadurch bringen sie Licht dorthin, wo es gerade intensiv gebraucht wird Arbeitsflchen, Bad, Kche etc. und verteilen es gleichzeitig besonders gleichmig und nicht aufdringlich blendend.

StromverbrauchEin weiteres wichtiges Kriterium bei der Auswahl des richtigen LED Panels ist natrlich der Stromverbrauch.

Zustzlich existieren mittlerweile LED Panel am Markt, deren Farbtemperatur einstellbar ist. So kann die LED Deckenleuchte beispielsweise an jeden neuen Arbeitszweck angepasst werden.

Ein warmweies Licht entspricht in etwa dem Licht frherer Glhbirnen, ein Tageslichtwei demgegenber dem frherer Leuchtstoffrhren, wie sie in Kchen oder Badezimemrn gerne verwendet wurden.

Wer es noch sicherer mag, legt Wert auf eine an der zweiten stelle also z.B. IP . Ein solches LED Panel wrde dann sogar ein kurzes Eintauchen in Wasser schadlos berstehen.

So steht einem Einbau des LED Panel in Badezimmer, Dusche, Feuchtraum oder im Auenbereich outdoor nichts mehr im Wege.

Hierbei handelt es sich in der Regel um eine flache, viereckige Platte, die ein bisschen wie eine groe Fliese aussieht. Die meisten LED Leuchtpanel sind mit einem Trafo oder Netzteil ausgestattet, der er es mittels Strom zum Leuchten bringt.

Um einen Fehlkauf zu vermeiden, sollte man bei der Produktauswahl auf ein paar Aspekte schauen. Glcklicherweise gibt es hierbei nicht allzu viele und so geht die Auswahl anhand der folgenden Punkte schnell von der Hand.

Gibt es auch wasserdichte LED Panel fr Badezimmer und den Auenbereich?

Zustzlich sind viele LED Panel nocht mit weiteren Features ausgestattet wie Controller also einer Fernbedienung, Aufbaurahmen, Bewegungsmelder, Himmel oder AquariumOptik.

PreisLeistungsVerhltnisZuletzt sollte man noch einen kritischen Blick auf den Preis werfen und sich fragen, ob die gebotene Leistung und der Preis zusammen passen. Wenn dies auch der Fall ist, steht einem Kauf nichts mehr im Wege und wir knnen nur noch viel Spa mit dem neuen LED Panel wnschen.

FunktionsumngZustzlich sollte man noch die technischen Daten insgesamt prfen und schauen, ob das gewnschte Modell ber alle bentigten Zusatzfeatures verfgt. So wird oft ein zustzlicher Dimmer gewnscht, um die Helligkeit des LED Panels flexibel dimmbar zu machen.

Mit speziellen Ausstattungen lsst sich der Einsatzbereich noch erweitern

Um keinen Fehlkauf zu ttigen solltest du dieTipps Tricks in unserem FAQBereichnher anschauen.

FarbtemperaturEs gibt LED Panels mit den unterschiedlichsten Farbtemperaturen. Dabei ist nicht jede Farbtemperatur fr jeden Einsatz und Ort geeignet, da die Farbtemperatur unmittelbaren Einfluss auf die Stimmung des Raumes/Ortes hat. So knnte eine zu kalte Farbtemperatur im Wohnzimmer beispielsweise die gemtliche Stimmung kaputt machen. Ein zu warmes Licht im Bro knnte hingegen kein angenehmes Arbeiten ermglichen.

Wenn ein LED Panel dann auch noch wasserdicht ist und bestimmte Standards wie IP, IP, IP oder IP erfllt, kann es auch outdoor also im Auenbereich oder im Feuchtraum also insbesondere Bad und Dusche eingesetzt werden.

Es muss dann lediglich noch ein entsprechender Schalter Phasendimmer installiert werden.

Ein dimmbares LED Panel oder eines das nachtrglich mit einem Dimmer ausgestattet wurde kann unterschiedlichen Stimmungen und Tageszeiten angepasst werden und so in sekundenschnelle von Arbeitsatmosphre auf romantische Abende angepasst werden.

Hier gelangst du direkt zu den LED Panels fr Bad und Auenbereich

Hier gelangst du direkt zu den dimmbaren LED Panels

Die verkrzte Antwort auf diese Frage lautet ja. Nicht jeder mchte sein LED Panel als Flchenbeleuchtung dort nutzen, wo es vor Regen, Schnee, Wind und insbesondere Wasser geschtzt ist. Daher gibt es am Markt wasserdichte bzw. wettergeschtzte LED Panel. Diesen LED Paneln kann weder Wasser noch Staub etwas anhaben. Auch starke Temperaturschwankungen machen ihnen nichts aus.

Ihre Helligkeit ist also bei deutlich niedrigerem Verbrauch viel hher als die von frheren Glhbirnen.

Wer es sogar noch professioneller mag, kann das RGB LED Panel auch noch mit einer DMXSteuerung kombinieren und es so an moderne Bhnen und Veranstaltungstechnik anpassen.

Damit du dein LED Licht Panel richtig aufbaust anbaust und auch keinen Fehlkauf ttigst, haben wir diese Webseite ins Leben gerufen. Bei uns findest du ausfhrliche Informationen, Produktvorstellungen, News, Vergleiche und Angebote.

Hier gelangst du direkt zu den LED Panels Grow

Stattdessen greift man heute wieder auf die eigentliche Maeinheit fr die Helligkeit zurck Lumen.

Die derzeitmeist verkauften und damit auch beliebtesten Hersteller am Marktfindest du hier.

In Bars, Clubs oder Discos werden LED Panel gern rbig eingesetzt. Sogenannte RGB LED Panel knnen so nicht nur klassisches weies Licht produzieren, sondern in den unterschiedlichsten Farben die unterschiedlichsten Stimmungen und Atmosphren produzieren.

Zu den besten Schnppchen und Sonderangeboten geht eshier entlang.

Hier gelangst du direkt zu den besten LED Panels bei Amazon

Hier lohnt sich ein Quervergleich unterschiedlicher LED Panels. Wenn zwei Panels die gleiche Helligkeit bieten, ist das mit der niedrigeren WattAngabe zu bevorzugen.

Ebenso unterschiedlich ist das Licht der verschiedenen LED Leucht Panel So gibt es solche mit warmweiem Licht ebenso wie solche mit Tageslicht. Dadurch kann das fr den Einsatzort bentigte Licht von vornherein ausgewhlt werden.

Whrend man frher bei Glhbirnen die angegebene WattZahl als Gradmesser fr die Helligkeit verwendete, ist dies heute bei LEDLeuchten nicht mehr gebruchlich, da die WattZahl nur noch etwas ber den Verbrauch aussagt.

HelligkeitEin wichtiges Kriterium beim Kauf eines LED Panels oder LED Panel Deckenleuchte ist fr Viele die Helligkeit. Es gibt LED Panels in den verschiedensten Helligkeiten.

Grundstzlich lautet die Antworte auf diese Frage berall. In den allermeisten Fllen findet das LED Panel im Wohnzimmer, in der Kche, in Bros, in Badezimmer und Dusche Verwendung. Aber auch im Hanf und GrowBereich, der Fotografie, der Industrie und im Aquarium oder Terrarium trifft man diese spezielle Art der Flchenbeleuchtung an.

Es gibt mittlerweile auch LED Panels und Deckenleuchten, deren Farbtemperatur einstellbar ist. Das ermglicht dann eine flexible Nutzung am gleichen Einsatzort. Wenn bspw. das Wohnzimmer hin und wieder auch als Bro genutzt wird.

Die derzeitmeist verkauften und damit auch beliebtestenLED Panel am Markt findest du hier.

Ja, grundstzlich lassen sich alle LEDChips dimmen. Ob ein LED Panel dimmbar ist, hngt demnach nur vom Netzteil/Treiber ab. Wenn das Netzteil das Dimmen zulsst, kann die Helligkeit des LED Panels stufenlos geregelt werden.

LED Panels gibt es in den unterschiedlichsten Leistungsstrken von Watt bis Watt und dementsprechend auch mit den unterschiedlichsten Eingangsspannungen von Volt bis bzw. Volt.led panelLEDPanel Test

lightSalt and Light Catholic Media Foundation

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The story of the passion of Jesus Christ, from his Last Supper, to his arrest and crucifixion through the eyes and imagination of children.

Ash Wednesday is one of the most important holy days in the Roman Catholic Church. It signifies the beginning of the Lenten season, a season of sting, prayer and almsgiving. This lent, Salt and Light TV invites you to journey through Lent with us towards Easter.

Lets begin today with highlights from the Popes weekly general audience from Paul VI Hall, where he continued his catechesis on the Mass focusing his attention on the Eucharistic Prayer. Thr…read more

The firstever VaticanHackathon is a computer programming marathon that starts today at the Vatican, with the full support of the Pope, Vatican offices, and student volunteers from Harvard and MIT….read more

The Pope Speaks to Priests, Bishops, and Other Shepherds. This comprehensive collection of s by Pope Francis is an absolute gem and an indispensable resource for any pastoral minister in the Church…

SL Photo TFI Director Sebastian Gomes and Cinematopgrapher Peter Turek film in Aguilares, El Salvador on Feb , The crew of The Francis Impact traveled to El Salvador from Febr…read more

Rev. Anthony ManSonHing is a priest of the Diocese of Sault Ste. Marie. He is currently serving as Pastor of Our Lady of Fatima and SteMarie parishes in Elliot Lake, Ontario as well as Pastor of SteFamille parish in Blind River, Ontario.

Washington DCs Cardinal, Cardinal Donald Wuerl has issued a detailed, pastoral plan to implement Pope Francis, Amoris Laetitia, in his Archdiocese. This plan is the first of its kind ever to be im…read more

We share the joys and hopes of the Gospel through television, radio, print, and online media. Our work unites people together through prayer, celebration, reflection, education, authentic dialogue and enquiry, thoughtprovoking reporting and stories of ith and action. We also challenge believers to grow in the knowledge of the ith and the Catholic tradition in its many expressions. We strive to offer an invitation to all peoples, especially those on the peripheries of ith and the Church, to draw closer to the Lord and experience the community of the Church.

The Church of today, like yesterday, is largely involved in the lives of the most fragile people across every continent. Our journalist and reporter

Reflections by Fr. Thomas Rosica, CSB Jesuss final words, as he lay dying on the cross, have become for us powerful expressions of the profound compassion and humanity of the one we call Christ.

It was a full house at Hamiltons Cathedral Basilica last night, as both priests and lay people received the Popes awards for various ministries and years of service to the Catholic church in H…read more

Cathedral Basilica of Christ the King

The firstever VaticanHackathon is a computer programming marathon that starts today at the Vatican, with the full support of the Pope, Vatican offices, and student volunteers from Harvard and MIT….read more

A reflection on the importance of almsgiving during the Lenten Season. Written by Esmerelda Blasi….read more

Whats more Canadian than playing hockey in a small town in rural Ontario? The Flying Fathers do precisely that. The story of the hockeyloving prie…read more

flies to the ends of the earth, to the peripheries to create a series of reports on the Churchs encounter with those who are suffering.

In preparation for the Synod on Young People, the Faith and Vocational Discernment Deacon Pedro GuevaraMann speaks with young people, taking their pulse on some of the big questions in life, and tries to identify the most effective ways to announce the Good News to young people today.

Salt and Light Magazine is a highquality seasonal publication that is widely distributed across Canada. Written in both English and French, the publication features guest columns, indepth features and highlights from Salt Light programs and initiatives.

A reflection on the importance of almsgiving during the Lenten Season. Written by Esmerelda Blasi….read more

Fr. Thomas Rosica is a priest of the Congregation of St. Basil. In February, , Pope Benedict XVI appointed Fr. Rosica a Consultor to the Pontifical Council for Social Communications.

and keep up to date on the latest from Salt Light!

Fourth Sunday of Lent, Year B March th, The Gospel for the Fourth Sunday of Lent Year B features a nocturnal conversation between two important religious teachers on the one hand a n…read more

Lets begin today with highlights from the Popes weekly general audience from Paul VI Hall, where he continued his catechesis on the Mass focusing his attention on the Eucharistic Prayer. Thr…read more

The cable broadcast of SL TV is currently experiencing some technical difficulties. We will be on air shortly.

Born on the wings of World Youth Day in Canada, Salt Light is a unique instrument of the New Evangelization. It is dedicated to being and helping others become the salt of the earth and the light of the world. Our mission is to proclaim Jesus Christ and the joy of the Gospel to the world by telling stories of hope that bring people closer to Christ and the Catholic ith.

Priests and laity were honoured by Pope Francis in the Diocese of Hamilton on Sunday, March th, . His Eminence, Gerard Cyprien Lacroix, Archbishop of Quebec and Primate of Canada, will confer the…read more

Tune in Monday through Thursday at pm ET for our minute daily current afirs edition of Perspectives, covering major Catholic headlines from around the world.

is not a catechesis or a teaching but it is a prayer, a ine reading, a personal encounter with God in Sacred Scripture. Each episode begins with a glimpse of Cardinal Collins presiding over Vespers at St. Michaels Cathedral in downtown Toronto. Lectio Divina follows immediately afterwards.lightSalt and Light Catholic Media Foundation

Beled lightst LED Light Bulbs for

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From the specs to the price, GEs W LED gets almost everything right.

Crees wellrounded smart bulb is one of the most affordable youll find, and it works with just about everything.

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SHEENLYLled lightSheenly Lighting co.,ltdBldg , Xuhui International, No. Lianhang Road, Minhang District, Shanghai , China

Carrying the expectations of all our staff and customers warm wishes, Sheenly Lighting move into its new headquarters located at Lane Lian Hang Road No., and held a housewarming ceremony early in the morning on September th.

Launched since , one of the earliest to promote UFO highbay in the market. ODM for top lighting brands and used in various projects for many years, no risk for new customer. Integrated with Meanwell latest HBG series driver, which is safety, energy saving and long life. The whole structure well ensures IP waterproof and years guarantee.

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Sheenly Lighting co.,ltdBldg , Xuhui International, No. Lianhang Road, Minhang District, Shanghai , China

Philips Lighting Shares Pop on IPO Debut

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The move signals a historic shift for Philips, set up in as a maker of light bulbs before expanding into consumer electronics. It will now focus on its healthcare business, where it sees both high growth and higher margins than in lighting.

The IPO was one of a number of listings planned for the Amsterdam stock market this year.

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He conceded that Philips Lighting must improve margins in its professional lighting business if it is to succeed against competitors, which include not only Osram but General Electric and stgrowing newcomer Acuity Brands in the United States.

The Philips group has a market capitalization of more than € billion. It will now focus on activities including selling advanced medical scanners and devices, patient monitoring systems and information services to hospitals, as well as consumer health devices and toothbrushes and shavers.

Philips Lighting enjoyed a positive first day of trading as a newly independent company on Friday after its Dutch parent spun off the business upon which it was founded more than years ago.

With the listing, Philips Lighting becomes the worlds largest independent lighting maker, surpassing Germanys Osram.

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CEO Rondolat said potential investors had been attracted by the bulous upside in our industry in general, which is brought by connected light systems and services.

Philips had argued that the lighting business, which accounted for about a third of group sales but only a quarter of profits, needed independence to invest in developing and marketing programmable lighting systems and related services to corporate customers.

The dominant profit producer, lamps, is in structural decline, LED lamps are inherently more competitive while home systems are still too small to matter, the analysts said.

Philips set an IPO price of € Thursday night, implying a market capitalization of € billion . billion, or an enterprise value of €. billion including debt.. The shares rose eight percent to €. in early trading in Amsterdam.

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Despite the bright start to trading, many analysts are skeptical the company can maintain margins on LED lamps in the ce of competition. The companys valuationwhich is a billion euros lower than predicted when Philips began the separation process two years agoreflects such concerns.

The challenges cing Lighting are becoming clearer, but not easier, wrote Jefferies analysts ahead of the listing.

We want to be the lighting company for the Internet of things, said Philips Lighting Chief Executive Eric Rondolat.

Philips, the much larger parent company, sold a percent stake in the initial float, raising € million. It plans to sell off the rest of its holdings in coming years.

A free festival of light music and innovation

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A free festival of light music and innovationA free festival of light, music and innovation.

Light City is the nations only largescale international light and ideas festival. Immerse yourself in the light and art. Explore the neighborhoods. Challenge your perspectives in the . Experience Baltimores brilliance.

Multimedia artists will unveil their new installation, Nice, an examination of relationships in the digital age, at this years light city festival

Through Brilliant Baltimore, businesses, attractions, landmarks, entertainment venues and community groups illuminate their buildings and host neighborhood activities.

The NOW Collective BaltimoreBased Light Artist

Music at Light City invites the world to experience Baltimores talented music scene with uniquely curated live concerts and DJ sets each night featuring local, regional and national acts.

More Love, More Lights! Light City celebrates dozens of Baltimore City neighborhoods in addition to the amazing installations along the BGE Light Art Walk at the Inner Harbor.

LED Car Liled lightght

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OffRoad LED Work Lights LED Driving Lights

Whether you are adding or replacing lights, we offer a complete selection of installation supplies to make the job easier. We offer flashers, load resistors, empty bases and sockets, strobe modules, and connectors for cars, trucks, RVs, boats, rm equipment, heavy equipment, and motorcycles.

Upgrade ctory incandescent or halogen bulbs on your car, truck, SUV, or van to longlasting LED headlight bulbs or complete headlight fixtures. Popular s include H, H, H, , , , H, H, and H bulbs and fixtures. Choose from numerous s, temperatures, and intensities.

LED Ground Effect Lighting Kit LED Light Modules

Skylight LED Panels and Replacement Diffusers

Since its founding in , Super Bright LEDs has been committed to providing customers with outstanding service, expertise, and the highest quality products in LED lighting.Read More »

Upgrade your interiors with longlasting LED footwell lights, LED trunk lights, cargo lighting, map lighting, and LED replacement bulbs in a variety of multi and single options.

Universal LED license plate lights are brighter and longer lasting than ctory incandescents. A variety of s, and s for easy installed on all s of cars, trucks, trailers, motorcycles, and RVs.

Replace dull incandescent bulbs in your instrument panel with vivid LED bulbs. Choose from a variety of s to give your speedometer, tachometer, and other gauges an upgraded stock or custom look. Includes wedge base bulbs, as well as twist lock B, B, NEO and T. LED bulbs.

Custom LED Light Boxes Backlit Signs and Art

Select vehicle year, make, model to find your vehicles replacement bulbs

LED wedge bulbs can fit numerous vehicle applications, such as vanity lights, dome lights, map lights, dashboard lights, trunk lights, instrument panel lights, footwell lights, and courtesy lights. Popular s include , , and standard and CAN Bus bulbs in a variety of s and intensities.

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Custom LED Light Boxes Backlit Signs and Art

LED Bulb Dual Function SMD LED Tower BAYD Retrofit

OffRoad LED Work Lights LED Driving Lights

Errorfree LED bulbs are specifically designed with a supervision circuit to allow them to be used with CANBus equipped vehicles without triggering the onboard computer.

Skylight LED Panels and Replacement Diffusers

Increase the visibility of your automobile at all times of the day while adding customized with LED Headlights, LED daytime running lights, or other vehicle accent lighting. LED replacement bulbs, LED light strips, and LED auxiliary driving lights offer a vast array of options to increase your safety on the road.

LED festoon bulbs emit bright, longlasting light. Direct replacements are available for vanity lights, dome lights, map lights, trunk lights, footwell lights, and more. Measure the length of your existing bulb to find a matching LED bulb.

Skylight LED Panels and Replacement Diffusers

LED tail light, turn light, brake light, and reverse light bulbs are designed to last a lifetime on any vehicle. Choose from many bayonet and wedge bases, such as , , , , and . Dualintensity, CAN Bus, CK, and switchback options are also available.

Small bayonet BAs and BAs LED bulbs fit vanity lights, dome lights, map lights, trunk lights, footwell lights, and other vehicle applications. These LED bulbs are designed to last times longer than ctory incandescent bulbs and are available in a variety of s and intensities.

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Vehicle LED lights fit numerous applications, including daytime running lights, headlights, tail lights, brake lights, turn signals, map lights, instrument cluster and gauge lights, license plate lights, trunk lights, side marker lights, and more. These LED car bulbs come in a wide variety of s, such as , , , , bas, , , , , and thirdgeneration LED headlights with H, H, H, H, , , and bases. CAN Bus LED light bulbs are also available.

BAs LED Bulb SMD LED Tower BAs Retrofit

Experience easy installation with no external drivers, ulty ns, or braided heat sinks! New LED headlight bulbs use an advanced cooling method, and their LED arrays mimic halogen filament placement for a closely matched beam

OffRoad LED Work Lights LED Driving Lights

With a wide selection of bulb shapes and base s, from to , you can convert any tail light, brake light, or turn signal light from incandescent bulbs to longlasting LED bulbs!

LED DRL replacement bulbs and addon universal kits provide safety and for any vehicle. Addon daytime running lights are available in just about any and shape and offer endless versatility in mounting options. Fog light fixtures for additional visibility. Direct LED replacement bulbs for all popular s


Custom LED Light Boxes Backlit Signs and Art

Vibrant , brilliant illumination, and a long life span make LEDs the way to go for all vehicle lighting applications. In need of rear exterior lighting for your vehicle such as a tail, brake or turn light? Check out our extensive supply of bulbs to find the perfect fit for your vehicle.

/ LED Projector Fog Lights Conversion Kit w/ Halo Daytime Running Lights

OffRoad LED Work Lights LED Driving LightsLED Car Liled lightght

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